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The Sibener Group celebrating Julia's graduation (from left to right): Sarah B, Blake, Michelle, Genevieve, Sarah W, Julia, Steve, Michael, Kevin, Josh, Jasper, Mark, Yue, and Caleb. August 15th, 2022

Welcome to the laboratories of Professor Steven Sibener. Our interests include chemical physics, physical chemistry, nanoscience, surface science, and materials research. This group web page is a survey of who we are and what we are about. Our current affiliations include the Department of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, and the Institute for Molecular Engineering. An additional short summary can be found in the Department of Chemistry's online brochure. For a more in-depth discussion, please feel free to contact any of us or stop by if you are ever in the Chicago area.

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Sibener Group at the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Dynamics at Surfaces


Representatives from the Sibener Group attending the Gordon Research Conference (from left
to right): Steve, Sarah B., Rachael, Michelle, Dan Killelea (former group member: tenured
faculty at Loyola University), Julia, and Becca. July 30th, 2019

Sibener Festschrift
Steven J. Sibener honored in special Festschrift issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, July 2nd, 2015

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Recent News:

July 1st
Congratulations to former postdoc Dan Killelea upon his promotion to Professor of Chemistry at Loyola University Chicago. Well done Dan!

July 1st
Congratulations to former undergraduate student Wilson Turner, who will be starting a one-year staff position at SpaceX before starting graduate school at Stanford!

May 24th
Congratulations to Josh Wagner, whom has been selected to receive the Frances E. Knock/Gladys Leavell Scholarship for his excellence in research. Well done!

May 7th
Congratulations to former graduate student Dr. Ryan Brown, whom has accepted a staff research position with Northrup Grumman in its Mission Systems sector. Best of Luck, Ryan!

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