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The Sibener Group celebrating Kevin's graduation (from left to right): Jeff, Darren, Becca, Sarah, Ross, Julia, Kevin, Steve, Jon, Ali, Michelle, Tim, Kevin, Zack Hund (former group member: faculty at University of Chicago Laboratory School), Dan Killelea (former group member: tenured faculty at Loyola University), and Jacob. October 25th, 2017

Welcome to the laboratories of Professor Steven Sibener. Our interests include chemical physics, physical chemistry, nanoscience, surface science, and materials research. This group web page is a survey of who we are and what we are about. Our current affiliations include the Department of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, and the Institute for Molecular Engineering. An additional short summary can be found in the Department of Chemistry's online brochure. For a more in-depth discussion, please feel free to contact any of us or stop by if you are ever in the Chicago area.

Sibener Festschrift
Steven J. Sibener honored in special Festschrift issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, July 2nd, 2015

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Recent News:

January 1st
We are pleased to welcome Isaac Wappes to the Sibener Group, a new first year graduate student in Chemistry.

December 31st
Congratulations to second year graduate students Michelle Brann, AlisonMcMillan, and Julia Murphy upon passing their Candidacy Exams! Well done!

November 8th
Congratulations to graduate students Tim Grabnic and Ross Edel whom have been selected to receive two of this year’s highly competitive Scholarship Awards from the Midwest Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Great news!

October 27th
Congratulations to Kevin Nihill and Jacob Graham upon publication of their pioneering Physical Review Letter: "Separation of Isotopes in Space and Time by Gas-Surface Atomic Diffraction”. This article was selected as an Editor’s Suggestion, and notably was accompanied upon publication with an APS Viewpoint Article “Viewpoint: Atom Scattering Picks Out the Heavyweights” Last year there were about 100 articles selected for such American Physical Society Viewpoints, these selected from more than 18,000 published articles in APS journals!

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